About Thierry Labat

I was born into a family of hunting enthusiasts and raised in the South East of Zimbabwe. Shadowing my father everywhere he went soon exposed me to hunting and wildlife. I shot my first animal, a duiker at the age of 5 with him and ever since that day, I’ve been a “hunting nut”. As a kid I spent hours daily interacting, hunting birds and trapping mice with the local children, and unbeknown to me this is probably where I started developing some of my hunting skills and understanding of wildlife. At the age of 7 I accompanied my father on an elephant and buffalo hunt in the Zambezi Valley and this was to later prove to be the first of my many, many Dangerous Game hunts

After completing my secondary education at Peterhouse school in Zimbabwe, I then attended Hartpury College in the UK, where I left with a Diploma in Conservation and Wildlife Habitat Management. On returning to Zimbabwe I joined one of the most respected and long standing operators, Roger Whittall Safaris, with whom I learnt a great deal and subsequently passed the most stringent of Africa’s hunting examinations and apprenticeships, becoming a fully licensed Zimbabwe Professional Hunter in 2003. I continued to be one of Roger Whittall Safaris PHs for 6yrs, before being offered a contract with another very well respected company, Zambezi Hunters and Jonny Hulme with whom I was involved with for another 6yrs and today I still have a very close working relationship with them.

With my ability to speak French fluently, doors opened for me in the Central African Republic and Cameroon, where I have been hunting since 2006 and continue to do so today. Since 2003, I have hunted in Cameroon, Central African Republic, Mozambique, South Africa, Botswana, Mauritius and Zimbabwe and continue to have a great relationship with operators in all the mentioned countries. Zimbabwe is home to me, where I live with my beautiful wife Suzie who plays a major role in my operations and son Jake. Hunting will always be a part of me, for as long as I live.

Along the way I have been recognised by the Zimbabwe Professional Hunters Association for my hard work and was awarded the prize for “Best Professional Hunter in 2011”, “Best Bow Hunting Guide in 2011” and was also awarded the prize for the “Best Dangerous game taken out of Zimbabwe in 2013” and the “Best Plainsgame taken out of Zimbabwe by a Zimbabwean Professional Hunter in 2013”