Cameroon Hunting Safaris

Cameroon – This is one of the more stable countries in Central Africa as far as politics are concerned. The infrastructure is similar to the Southern African countries, making logistics easier. Hunting in Cameroon is generally classified by two prominent habitats, of which the savannah is in the north of the country and the equatorial rainforest in the south. Safaris in the north of the country focus on the Lord Derby Eland, Western Roan, North Western buffalo, Western Kob as well as many other plainsgame species. The southern areas concentrate on the Western Bongo, Forest Sitatunga, Dwarf Buffalo and various forest duikers.

Hunting Season in the North (Savannah) – Early January through to end of April.

Hunting Season in the South (Forest) – April through to end of June.

Species On Offer In Cameroon


Buffalo (Dwarf, Western Savannah)

Bushbuck (Harnessed)

Duiker (Western Bush, Red Flanked, Blue, Bay, Peter’s)

Eland (Lord Derby)

Hartebeest (Western)

Kob (Western)



Roan (Western)

Sitatunga (Forest)


Waterbuck (Sing Sing)