Mauritius Hunting Safaris

Officially the Republic of Mauritius is an island about 2000 km off the South  East Coast of Africa.

Mauritius is part of the Common Wealth and is also considered part of Africa and was rated best Governed African country.Mauritius gained its independance from the British in 1968. It is an Island 65 km long and 45 km wide and has a population of 1.3 million people. Although both French and English is spoken, English remains the main language.

Mauritius is surrounded by more than 150 km  of White sandy beaches and the lagoons are protected from the open sea by the worlds largest coral reef. Mauritius has a tropical climate with an average annual temperature of 29 C, It is a major tourist destination and welcomes more than 1 million tourists a year. It received the World Leading Island Destination award for the 3rd time and Worlds Best Beach award in 2012. There are no less than 11 wonderful golf courses around the island.

Hunting in Mauritius .

Java Rusa Deer  ( Cervus timorensis rusa)

The Java Rusa Deer was introduced into Mauritius by the Dutch in the late 17th Century as a source of protein. When the enclosure they were being kept in was torn apart by a cyclone, the Deer escaped into a tropical forest and made it their home. Due to the lack of natural Predators on the Island the population grew. Today some 10000 acres have been set aside for the Rusa Deer which are being professionally managed and conserved mainly for consumptive utilization through hunting. The quality of Deer on Mauritius is second to none.

There are two ways to hunt in Mauritius, Driven Hunt  and Sport and Stalk