I’ve hunted with Thierry Labat on four safaris and have a fifth hunt currently booked. I expect there will be more to come. I cannot imagine another Professional Hunter that could be more skilled or qualified than Thierry and would highly recommend him to any prospective client. His knowledge of game and his hunting abilities are unparalleled. We’ve hunted leopard, elephant, multiple buffalo, and lots of plains game and it has been a first-class experience throughout. In addition, he has been an incredible host for my wife, my two daughters and my father. Thierry is a pleasure to hunt with and it is always enjoyable to spend time with him while hunting and around the campfire.

Chris Peccia

I have hunted Africa and other countries many times and I am an outfitter myself. Thierry by far has been the best Professional Hunter/Guide I have ever had. He was a pleasure to be around at all times. His hunting skills and those of his team were top notch in every way. He works hard to provide the best chance of success in the hunt.

Phil Cahoon

Hunting with Thierry is a fun and exciting adventure! I’m impressed by his passion for hunting as well as his vast knowledge of the African bush and its animals. His desire to fulfill the clients’ wants and wishes is his ultimate goal – that was clear from the minute I arrived. I’ve been on two safaris with Thierry and highly recommend a hunting experience with him. It will be one you will never forget!

Dave Diven

So far, I have hunted two Safaris with Thierry. I am looking forward to our third in Zimbabwe, to hunt for lion. The Fourth to hunt elephant in Mozambique. We also have already booked a Lord Derby Eland Safari in Cameroon. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. In the bush he is intensely focused and determined. Always with a witty sense of humor. I am confident that having him by my side will make my hunts the very best of experiences. Thierry is a Hunting Machine!

Miguel M Facusse

Over the many times that we have hunted together over the years, I only have great respect for you and your team of trackers. Camps have been well organized, meals and drinks have been exceptional, and most importantly the professional manner in tracking, identifying trophies and the handling/skinning of my animals after each hunt has been truly professional. I can certainly recommend a “Thierry Labat Safaris” hunting experience.

Graham Kendall