Zimbabwe Hunting Safaris

Zimbabwe – Without doubt, Zimbabwe is one of the most popular hunting destinations in Africa, especially when it comes down to Dangerous Game. It has always stood out among other African destinations as the best bang for the money. One only has to take a look at the various hunting grounds found within its borders, to understand the tremendous variety of terrain and species on offer. The ease of travel, vastness of the hunting areas and the abundance of trophy quality animals, make this a country to hunt in. Its people are among the friendliest on the Continent.

Hunting Season – There is no specific hunting season as such, but the majority of hunts start in April and finish in mid November, which is when the heavy rains typically start. Best time to hunt any of the cats would be May through to end of August

Hunting Areas – Save Valley Conservancy, Zambezi Valley, Matetsi , and the areas surrounding the world famous Gona Re Zhou National Park.

Species on offer in Zimbabwe

Baboon (Chacma), Buffalo ( Cape), Bushbuck ( Limpopo & Chobe ), Bushpig, Civet, Crocodile, Duiker ( southern bush ), Eland ( Livingstone ), Elephant ( Bulls & Tuskless ), Genet cat, Giraffe, Grysbok ( Sharpes ), Hippopotamus, Honey Badger, Hyaena ( Spotted ), Impala ( Southern ), Jackal (Black back), Klipspringer, Kudu (Southern Greater ), Leopard, Lion, Monkey (vervet), Nyala, Sable (common ), Tssesebe, Warthog, Waterbuck (common), Wildebeeste (Blue)